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BG Property Management can provide builders, tenants and landlords with the best possible basis on which to make a decision with regard to property they own, manage, maintain or occupy. In relation to consultation, budgeting, running costs, maintenance and management we can offer the experience and competency that can optimize processes and budgets.

BG Property Management was founded in 2008 by Lars Börner and Christian Guldbek. They have many years' experience in the property branch, and have built a solid business with a wide customer base. They have worked with many different types of company and have the necessary know-how regarding consulting, maintenance, running and budgeting as well as the administration of contracts of both business and residential premises.

BG is based in Denmark, though due to the extent of the expertise that the company has accumulated, it is fully able to offer its services across the whole of Northern Europe. There are big cultural differences between countries. However, when you are aware of these differences, there can be advantages in the centralized management of processes.

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