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We are at home in all the Nordic countries

BG Property Management considers all the Nordic countries to be our domestic market. Even though there are cultural differences between the Scandinavian countries, there are also a lot of similarities, and BG has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Greenland as well as Denmark.

We naturally want to make use of this knowledge. Not least, because many owners and administrators of properties also operate across the borders of Scandinavia. Capital Funds with large property portfolios can thereby gain an inter-Scandinavian overview of properties irrespective of whether they are located in Nuuk, Bergen, Gӧteborg, Helsinki or Odense.

This results in the standardization of all relevant processes and a close, direct dialogue that can save money, time and irritation. It is most certainly our experience that a centralized management with very few middle-men ensures the best possible outcome.

Talk to us about Builders' Consultation, Budgeting, Process Management, Property Review or any of the many areas where our input can make a big difference.

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